Facebook Video Downloader Apk Download For Android

Facebook Video Downloader Apk

Video Downloader for Facebook (“Facebook Video Downloader apk”): Hello friend, Generally most of the people are used Facebook because Facebook is a very popular social media. You can easily and fast way to chatting with your friends anywhere. When people see the newsfeed on facebook then some video are favourite but they can’t video download. So, friend today we come back with one useful application for video downloader for facebook which apk is “Facebook Video Downloader apk“. Facebook video downloader apk is that lets you download video from facebook. This is a best application and you can video download any quality without any issue. This is capable of all device and millions of people download also star rating is 4.4-star rating out of 5. So, you facebook video downloader apk download for free from below link and enjoy.

Facebook video downloader apk: This is a great application who want to video download from facebook. you can easily and fast video download. download video from facebook with any quality like low quality to high quality so, it depends on video quality. video download 144p, 240p, 480p and all its depending on video quality. for example, if video quality is 240p then you will see video download option is 144p and 240p. this application is specially launched for android device. you can download any photo from Facebook that appears to your friends. So, video downloader for Facebook, using Facebook video downloader apk.

Facebook video Downloader apk
Facebook video Downloader apk

About FB video downloader

Download video on facebook to your android phone without any issue. it allows downloading any video from Facebook to your mobile phone with high quality. If you want to download an image from facebook then it is possible to any image download from FB to your android mobile phone. Once time you video download after you watch anywhere, anytime without an internet connection. It is easy to download like you chose the video that you want to download, And select folder where you want to save video, That’s it it is simple and fast.

Facebook Video Downloader Apk Download

So, now we are going to share the main part of this article. we share download link video downloader for facebook of facebook video downloader from below direct download link. a link is 100% secure. You can download without any issue. if you have any problem regarding downloading then ask me in the comment box. Now, let’s share below.

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How To Use Facebook Video Downloader Apk

  • Firstly, Download an app from above link and log in your FB account.
  • Now, just search for your friend facebook account.
  • After then, choose any video that you want to download.
  • And select the folder, where you want to save your favorite video.
  • It’s simple and fast way to video download.
  • That’s it and enjoy.

Feature of Facebook video downloader apk

  • The easiest way to video download.
  • Capable with all android device.
  • It supports with only v2.1+.
  • Once time you download video after you can watch later anywhere and anytime.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe and secure.
  • You can save your video, where you want you.
  • It possible to upload a video on facebook.
  • HD graphics with Perfect UI.
  • Download and install without any issue.
  • And much more so, video downloader for facebook, Apk download free full version of facebook video downloader app from above link button.

How to install Facebook video downloader Apk Latest Version

Now we explain installation guideline of step-by-step. this apk you have to install manually So if you don’t know how to install then read carefully before download. So, let’s start to explain…

  • First at, you give permission so click, setting – security – Unknown source. (Enable unknown source)
  • Now, download facebook video downloader from above download link.
  • Then, install it.
  • Open it and log in your facebook account with ID and Password.
  • That’s it

Facebook Video download without software

Hello, so friend you think download video without software?. Yes, it is possible to download from facebook without any third party software. We share own personal trick using you can FB video download and save on your mobile phone. I am telling you my personal method using you do facebook video download without any software or without any third party tools. We explain step-by-step how to download.  if you want to download FB video download without software then read carefully. Let’s start to explain.

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Video Download from facebook of Facebook video Downloader
Video Download from facebook of Facebook video Downloader
  • First, you log in your facebook account and choose any video, what you want to download.
  • Now, play the video.
  • Then, right click on a video and you will show the option “Show video URL”.
  • Now, just copy a link and paste another tab.
  • Then, replace “WWW” to “M”  just see the below screenshot for perfect understanding.
Facebook Video Downloader
Facebook Video Downloader
  • Now press enter and video again play. Now right click and you will show the option “Save video As”.
  • Click save video As and select location where you want to save a video.
  • That’s it and now you can see the video anytime, anywhere without internet.

” Final Word…

Today, we discuss video downloader on facebook. The great application is facebook video downloader apk download without any issue from below download link. You can any video and any image download from popular social media Facebook. You easy to download. just search video and select a location, where you want to save. And also explain our personal method for facebook video download without software. So, facebook video downloader apk download for android for free from above direct download link. if you have any question then put your question in the comment box. I hope you understand all explanation. So, download and don’t forget share with your friends.


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